Lessons are available to boarders at the barn from Sarah Steenbeek. 

Sarah has had nearly 20 years of experience riding horses, with a desire to grow and challenge herself at all times. Sarah has a knack for working and developing programs for green horses to help them grow in their skill level. 

Sarah has had 10 busy years of showing with her own horses on the schooling and trillium level. She qualified for championships 8 years in a row! Although she was not able to attend all of them, one year she won the split of the juniour/ ametuer classic with her thoroughbred she trained from a 4 year old. With many champion and reserve champion prizes through the years, as well as very good placings in the equitation rings, Sarah has established a good show record. 

Now as a certified competition coach, Sarah has brought up numerous riders through the years to place well at the school shows, and has brought riders along into the jumper ring with success!

Sarah started teaching full time in 2010 with a full slate of students. She continues to grow in knowledge with her newfound love for driving! New skills and lots of different horses to work with everyday give Sarah a unique look at the horse through many disciplines!

Although she has had to cut back in her teaching due to family priorities, she is still very excited to take on any new riders into lessons that bring their own horses into the barn

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